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Optical Lab

At Chico Eye Center, we care about your vision and use a full service optical lab with state of the art digital technology. We use the best equipment possible to diagnose and fabricate eye wear, providing our patients with the most sophisticated lenses on the market. Whether you need a stronger prescription, new glasses, or are interested in new digital technology lenses, we can help you.

Optical Store

In addition to the comprehensive ophthalmology services provided at Chico Eye Center, our practice also features an optical store with a wide array of eyeglass frames and contact lenses to suit every need and budget. Our optical store has the largest selection of quality eye wear in the North Valley. We offer patients frames from many elite designers, as well as stylish yet affordable alternatives. We also carry sun wear and a full line of frames for children and teens.

What We Offer

•   A wide variety of lens styles and materials
•   Varilux progressive lenses
•   Premium anti-glare Crizal technology
•   Prescription, polarized sunglasses
•   Transitions lenses


When visiting our optical store, patients will be seen by one of our certified opticians, who will help you decide which type of glasses are best for you. If we don’t have what you want on hand, we can order it for you. There is never a need to make an appointment; just come in and see all the wonderful options available to you. To learn more about our optical store, call us today at 895-1727 or stop in to see the wide array of products we currently offer.

Our Brands

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Contact Lenses

Thanks to advances in optical technology, almost everyone can now wear contact lenses, regardless of the type or extent of their vision problems. Many patients who were not able to be fitted with contacts in the past, can now be comfortably fitted with newer state of the art contact lenses. That includes patients with astigmatism, prior LASIK or cataract surgery, and those who need bifocal or multi-focal lenses. At Chico Eye Center, we offer a comprehensive array of contact lenses to suit our patients’ individual needs—from daily disposables to extended-wear soft contacts to rigid gas-permeable lenses, and custom specialty-need contacts. Talk with us to find out which contact lenses are best for you.

Daily-Wear Soft Contacts

Daily-wear soft contact lenses are by far the most popular type of contacts. Made of a flexible plastic polymer, daily-wear lenses are put in each morning and taken out each night. They rest in a cleaning solution while you sleep. Daily-wear contacts come in many colors and replacement schedules which range from every day to once per year. Daily wear contacts are the safest option for any eye.

Extended-Wear Soft Contacts

Extended-wear soft contact lenses are FAD approved to be worn all the time, including while you sleep. Depending on whether you have 7-day (standard) or 30-day lenses, you only need to replace your contacts once a week or once a month.

Gas-Permeable Lenses

Rigid, gas-permeable contacts offer several benefits over soft lenses.
•   Can correct a wider range of vision problems, including a high degree of astigmatism
•   Provide sharper vision than most soft lenses
•   Allow more oxygen to pass through to the eye, reducing the risk of corneal irritation
•   Are more durable than soft lenses and don’t need to be replaced as often, lasting as long as two or three years.
*Because they are harder than flexible contacts, gas-permeable lenses may take some getting used to when you first start wearing them. They are also more likely to require adjustments to ensure centration and a proper fit.

Specialty Lenses

Specialty contact lenses can either be soft or gas permeable. They are used for patients with irregular corneas due to trauma, scarring, prior corneal surgery, and certain ocular inflammatory conditions. Fitting these types of lenses frequently requires special testing and ocular measurements and can be very time consuming. At Chico Eye Center, we have the only doctors in the area that have specialized training in fitting these types of lenses. With proper fitting, many of these patients can achieve excellent visual results.

Ordering Contact Lenses

At Chico Eye Center, we offer a comprehensive array of contact lenses to suit our patients’ individual needs. The contact lens industry is highly competitive and we feel strongly that there are several advantages to purchasing your contact lenses through Chico Eye Center.
•   Our prices are similar, if not, better than most online distributors’ prices
•   Your contact lenses can be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer
•   No calling or faxing of prescriptions
•   We guarantee quick resolution of any ordering problems
•   Our staff stays current with manufacturer rebates ensuring you the best price


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