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At Chico Eye Center we strive to consistently exceed the service and patient-care expectations of our patients and do so by investing in staff education and the most advanced treatment modalities. Our patients are also our friends, our neighbors, and our family; the interests of our patients have the highest priority.

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See what our patients are saying
The little 73 year old great grandmother got the greatest gift this Christmas… the gift of sight to be able to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren with new eyes...
My experience with cataract surgery was great! I admit that I was absolutely terrified of having it done, despite what others had said. It was my eyes this time!  Everything went well – the prep team was so nice and reassuring, the surgeries went well and the recovery has been fast.
For the first time, in a long time, I found a Doctor who will include me on my care and condition of my eyes.
This is amazing! I can’t believe I can see just like I was a young man again.
Three days after my surgery my son had a football game and I could actually find him on the field. I about cried. It was amazing.
It’s been several months now since I had LASIK and as a utility helicopter pilot, I am still finding situations that I can do better, or would not have been able to do at all while wearing contacts.
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