At Chico Eye Center we strive to make life changing procedures like LASIK, PRK, and cosmetic services affordable to all. We have several financing options available for you to choose from that make it easier for you to afford. You can easily enjoy the benefits of improved vision, a better lifestyle, or an improved appearance with these life changing procedures. It’s more than a decision to see or to look better, it’s a commitment to living a fuller life. Over and over, patients tell us this is the best thing they ever did for themselves.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards including:
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Easy Financing

CareCredit is a flexible payment plan that makes it easier to afford cosmetic services and corrective laser eye surgery. With this payment plan, you can undergo your desired procedure immediately. CareCredit will set up monthly payments that will fit your budget. To learn more about how CareCredit can help you afford the procedures you want, contact us today. You can have what you want for the cost of a daily cup of premium coffee.It only takes a few minutes to apply for CareCredit and you will receive an online decision in seconds. Apply now.

Company Flex Plan

Your employer may offer a medical spending account which allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses, including services such as refractive surgery, advanced technology lens implants, and certain facial and eyelid procedures. This can result in substantial savings. Please contact your employer for more details.
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