Chico Eye Center

First Visit

Prior to your initial visit, we will attempt to mail a pre-registration form to you to begin organizing your chart. You may also download the forms below. This will allow a more efficient use of your time once you arrive. We request that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to confirm the information in your chart, as well as confirm your insurance authorizations. For a complete eye exam, please allow approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for your initial visit. Since your eyes will possibly be dilated, please remember to bring your sunglasses. You may also wish to bring a friend or relative to drive you home. If the appointment is for a minor (under 18 years of age), please remember that for legal reasons a parent or guardian must be present during the exam.

The Medical Eye Exam

The type of eye exam you receive will depend on the nature of your eye problems. As mentioned above, some exams include dilation while others do not. As part of a complete eye exam, you can expect to have your vision checked and your need for a prescription measured manually and by a computer with special infrared technology. Your field of vision, pupil reactions, and eye tracking will be noted. For some patients, we also check their depth perception and their color vision. A glaucoma test (pressure check) and an evaluation of the front and back of the eyes are also done. Special care is taken to determine the status of the cornea, the lens, the optic nerve, the ocular blood vessels, and the retina. Dilation is used to look at the edges of the retina that are not readily seen otherwise, and is a useful tool to get the most accurate glasses prescription possible. This comprehensive testing allows us to evaluate a person for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, dry eyes and macular degeneration. Additional tests that can provide other valuable information will be performed as needed.
eye exam patient


Please call our office immediately if you have a serious problem with your eyes or a possible emergency. If you need assistance after regular office hours, please call 911 or go directly to the emergency room or urgent care center. The emergency physician will evaluate your situation and consult with us as needed. Refills of medications can be handled during regular hours by having your pharmacist contact our office.
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